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About Primrose & Poppy

My love of flowers began at a young age and for as long as I can remember I have loved everything about flowers, trees and all types of foliage – if it grew outdoors I was drawn to it. As a young girl, I would create spring and summer arrangements with the lilacs, bearded irises, sweet peas, roses and other blossoms growing at our home.

I eventually owned a flower shop which gave me the freedom to work with an amazing variety of flowers and foliage and expand my design capabilities. To this day, I still enjoy the fresh flowers of my garden and nature's beauty while hiking.

Years ago, as a designer of special event and holiday décor, I was introduced to the world of silk flowers and foliage. What intrigued me the most about these faux counterparts was the latitude they afforded me in my creations. I could bend them, cut or lengthen them, recolor them, add leaves and petals if need be – all things I could never accomplish with fresh flowers and foliage. After a short time, I was hooked and started Primrose & Poppy in 2008, a Denver, Colorado destination for custom silk flower arrangements.

The botanical realism and handcrafted artistry that goes into modern silk flowers results in blossoms that most often cannot be distinguished from their fresh counterparts. The profusion of silk botanicals doesn't stop at flowers. There are fruits, vegetables, herbs, blooming branches, seed heads, pods, succulents, berries, twigs and everything in between. With such a vast array of faux options, there is no end to the design possibilities.

Using silk flowers in my designs allows everyone to enjoy the beauty of flowers any time of the year indoors or out. And what could be more uplifting than a bright vase of silk roses, pastel peonies or a bouquet of hydrangeas to bring a smile to our hearts.
Flowers in a vase - silk floral designer in Denver, CO